Stacy Waters

image47Stacy Waters


Stacy is a vital part of our team, as she’s the youngest and most up-to-date, vibrant hair stylist of us all.

She’s the heart and soul of our salon.

Stacy holds a special passion for working with people, exotic places, fine food, loving family, rich cultures and physical activities.

Her hobbies are as creative, diverse and one-of-a-kind as the hair styles she creates for her clients…

As an avid international traveler, Stacy has witnessed and studied the arts and architecture and the ideologies and cultures of the people , wherever she has gone.

Her love of fine food is balanced by her love of physical conditioning.

Overalll, her natural open-mindedness, communicability and cheerfulness are what bring her clients back for more!


Professional courses that this stylist has successfully graduated from:

  • Evening Red Carpet Hair Style
  • Princess Bow Hair Style
  • Vintage Hair Style
  • Women’s Multi-Technique Haircut
  • Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment
  • Color Product Selection
  • Bridal Classic | Couture Hair Styles